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Laura Rubio.
Laura Rubio Mexico City, September 28, 1960 Living in Guadalajara, Jal. since 1995 1996 - 98 Drawing and painting / Elena Moneny 1998 - 01 Human figure / Davis Birks 1998 - 99 Painting / Patricia Jarero 1999 Painting techniques / Enrique Rico 2001 Plastic Arts/ Centro Cultural Casa Colomos, Guadalajara, Jal. (3 years) 2003 Healing Art workshop / Cuernavaca, Morelos __COVER PICTURE--BRONZE STATUE BY LAURA RUBIO (AZUL) Laura Rubio is an artist with extreme vision who works and lives in Guadalajara Mexico, where she has been painting for several years working mostly with oils on canvas. She has great promise of becoming one of Mexico's foremost and most sought after artists. This, her very first work in bronze is a magnificent piece of symbolism which she calls "Prisoner of your Fears", but which I prefer to call "Back to the Womb". It is not only unique in itself, but a true exhibition of this artist's talent. Only one was made and it is owned and cherished by this author. In it I see a man somewhat in the fetal position holding his heart outside his chest. There is both hope, and yet an anguish there in his face as he attempts to protect and guard it in his return to the uterus on the one hand, (with his thoughts of his previous known tormenting experiences), while at the same time exposing it to the world in order to start anew and love again. He knows however that all the while his fate lies in the hands of some greater being and he sees how very small and insignificant and very weak he really is in this universe and that he must accept the inevitable while leaving loose of his many ambivalent feelings. He is cradled in the two hands of a woman who is ready to let him fall back into the reality of life in this world. The interpretation of this (as of any work of art) is of course an individual one. Portada Libro.
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