Adiss Soriano
Adiss Soriano,
polymers / glass 105 x 84 cm
As Art21studio is an open place to the experimentation the painters that work with us have large spaces, in which these they can work on diverse surfaces either in 2 dimensions or 3 dimensions, depending on the preference of the artist. Some of these surfaces are: Ceramics, Wood, Glass, Fabric, Metal, Etc. The artist can find in our installations the adequate place to carry out his artworks. We can provide several medias, ranging from the traditional oil, to the vanguard polymeric medias, which are resistant to the elements and the passing of time, besides that they conserve for many years the quality of the original color.

Pintor sueco.
From time to time we have individual artists or groups that come and stay with us, in our workshop by a period of time and work.Sweden.