Artistic Bronce Foundry.
Our foundry uses a space of 500m2. There we have 3 furnaces where we burn the wax off, an area for patina, another for making molds, a space dedicated to work in the detailed of the bronze, 2 furnaces to cast metal (one fixed and another tiltable), two storage rooms one for materials and another one exclusive to store the finished molds. Next to the foundry we have an extensive area, which is used when we need to scale mount, model or assemble a big sculpture. Besides 12 years of experience in the art casting world. We are a quite an open workshop when it comes to forms of work, since we do everything that’s on our reach to carry out the dreams of the artists or designer.

Listing in a simplified way the forms in which we can work:
  1. Receiving the original artwork, we do the mold and we retouch the wax/es, we then cast it and patina it, we can manufacture bases and we deliver the pieces finished.
  2. Starting from the sketch/es of an artists, the model is created by us, then the mold is done and with it the wax, which physically can be retouched or not, by the artist. Once approved we cast it and finish it. The information, visual photos, sketches, drawings, etc. can be handle by e-mail, fax or by mail.
  3. We cast to great number of artists sometimes sharing the edition.
  4. We can exhibit the artwork of artists with whom we participate, in different galleries of Mexico and abroad.
  5. It is possible, to mix different materials in the artist work, some of which are:
    • polymers
    • crystal
    • metals
    • marble
    • wood
Also we have space to receive for a period of time, sculptors that come to Art 21 to model or to carve their works. If something is not this mentioned here, we are open to new proposals and forms of work.

Silicon bronze chemical composition.
"Everdure" Cu-95% + Si-4% + Mn-1%

Copper        95%
Silicon            4%
Manganese   1%