Once de Sep.  Arturo Weber.
"Eleven of September" Arturo Weber.
For the sculptor we count, besides having the large spaces where he can work in a comfortable way, with a metal workshop, in witch we can make structures, big and small, also welding equipment, cutting etc. Art21studio puts special interest in the polymers and resins, since these materials reflect our technological moment, communicating along side with the escultoric work a message of an important legacy for the humanity. For the artists whose work centers in the ceramic materials, soon we will include two ovens and a workshop exclusively for the work, dried and burned of ceramics of average and high temperature. We have special interest in obtaining a great variety of ceramics so that the artist select the one that’s better for his plastic work.

Arturo Weber.
Images process of making 11/ sep.
Oscar Zamarripa.
Images process Oscar Zamarripa.