There are occasions in which an idea for the decoration of a restaurant, museum, hotel, house, etc stays as that an idea, because the person, business or way to make it real wasn’t found. In the course of these 14 years of work we have had in several occasions the pleasing experience of working with several architects, designers and decorators, helping them to carry out those ideas. Thus avoiding that they remain only on paper or on the computer. As we have the knowledge and the know-how in modeling and rough sketching, besides the experience in the use of diverse materials, such as metals and polymers we can convert that Autocad, corel, paper or photo sketch in something real. There is not impossible idea. Our objective in this area is that of working so that any dream can be carried out.

Museo Interactivo Trompo Mágico.
Grand Mayan.
Hotel Grand Mayan.
Working with the trompo.