Art21Studio is an experimental art workshop, gallery and artistic bronze foundry, Located at Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico since 1990. The main objective of this space, is that of providing the artists or designers with the tools, the advisory and the necessary place, in which they can materialize their ideas, by but complex that these might be.

On this website, we have information related, to the things we have made, we make, how we make them and what we could do for you. On our artistic bronze foundry we have the capacity to cast from small sculptures to large urban sculptures. We have other areas where we can create structures with different elements such as steel , wood, etc, to create the rough sketches of future sculptures. As also full sculptures made with the most modern material, as are the polymers. Another area is set up to experiment with polymeric paintings or different media that can be apply to several surfaces to create paintings and murals which are very resistant to time and to the different changes in the environment. Our workshop counts with an area used as Showroom in which we show the works of American, European, Latin American and Canadians artists to possible collectors. Through the years we have acquired relations with many galerias in diverse parts of the world (Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey, Zacatecas, Sweden etc) in which we promote the work of the artists that collaborate with us.

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